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Alien Assault

by Wolfa on the 21st February 2010

Alien Assault is a free turn-based strategy game from indie game developer TearDown. Set in an age thousands of years in the future, this game is about cold isolation. You control a squad of elite soldiers that are sent to giant derelict starships that have drifted around in space for decades. Your mission is to clear out the ship of any alien infestation and to retrieve lost information and artifacts.

Go on instinctEach level of the game is a mission that has several victory goals. The directives vary from escort, defend, deliver, etc. During each turn, every soldier you control will have 4 action points to spend on stuff, like walking, shooting, reloading, etc. and also a common pool between 1 to 6 points to use as you wish. However, your turn is also under time, so there is not much time to think; you will have to go on instinct.

The monsters you fight first appear as blips on your radar. Not until one of your soldiers actually has seen one of the blips do you find out how many monsters were held within it. Between the missions you will also see the current status of your squad and you will be able to outfit your men with several different weapons. They will climb in rank and receive several achievements.

Gaining RankThis game was first released back in 2008 under the name Space Hulk, based on the cult-declared board game, with the same name. However, as word on the net travelled, the copyright holders of the board game, Games Workshop, also heard about it. They forced TearDown to remove the download, claiming the rights for all Warhammer 40K related games are owned by THQ. According to the developers, they tried to negotiate a launch of the game through THQ, but they refused. Therefore, TearDown choose to redo some of the graphics and name the game Alien Assualt instead, thus clearing themselves from a possible lawsuit"clearing themselves from a possible lawsuit".

Since the last print of the board game Space Hulk ran out in 1998 (please don’t quote me on that, I cannot find a good source, but it was around that time ), this whole incident started to stir up some buzz in several forums. This not only added to Games Workshop’s bad reputation within the board game community, but questions also arose on why they would not allow the development of a free game based upon a game that they have clearly announced they will never release again. The questions were answered September 5, 2009, when they relaunched Space Hulk in a limited collector’s edition with huge production value (and price as well).

Now, once more, Games Workshop has stated that they will never again launch the board game, so unless you already own a copy, I recommend that you download Alien Assault and find out why this board game has been played for over 20 years"find out why this board game has been played for over 20 years".

Also, know that it is really easy to find the 2009 edition of Space Hulk in mint condition on eBay, if you are willing to pay up a few more bucks than the in-store selling price . There are also a lot of the 1989 and 1996 versions available as well, but in used condition.


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