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Harvest: Massive Encounter
Real-time Strategy
Oxeye Game Studio
Oxeye Game Studio

System requirements

Operating Systems
Windows Vista/XP/2000
2 GHz
512 MB RAM
Direct3d compatible
Hard Drive
100 MB
9.0 or above

About the game

Construct buildings, gather resources and prevent the alien horde from destroying your base!

Harvest: Massive Encounter is the award-winning real-time strategy game from Oxeye Game Studio. Build power plants, mineral harvesters and defense towers and make sure they have sufficient energy to fend off endless hordes of evil aliens. The game offers a vast array of possible strategies with these simple rules, and will compel you to try new and better base designs every time.

Your objective is simple: Stay alive for as long as possible. Compete on the extensive online high-score lists, form player groups that battle against other groups, or simply try to beat your own record on each of the game's planets. With two scores to beat, three planets to explore and four high-score enabled game modes, you will have a lot to do!

  • Survival Real-Time Strategy Game with Epic Proportions
  • Unique Resource Management that Requires Planning and Creative Thinking
  • Beautiful Rendered 2D Graphics
  • Five Game Modes Ranging from Relaxed to Insane
  • Three Worlds with New Challenges and Discoveries
  • Ten Distinct Enemy Alien Types
  • Five Building Types with Unique Abilities
  • Extensive Online High-scores
  • More than 45 Achievements to Unlock!
  • Mod Support for Scripts Written in Lua


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